There are many things to do in Rishikesh. The city has much to offer and that too for people of all ages. If you are visiting for spiritual purposes, then the city is surely made for you. Though you have many things to do in Rishikesh in one day yet Spiritual activities come first. The city undoubtedly evolves as a spiritual destination. While staying at Hotel Grand Tapovan, a famous hotel in Rishikesh, you can explore the best.

Why Rishikesh is the best for Spiritual Vacation?

  • There are many spiritual things to do in Rishikesh.
  • The Ganges is the most pious river and it flows in this divine city making the city more sacred and godly.
  • Rishikesh has many temples presenting mythological stories.
  • With many ancient stories related to Rishikesh, the city is the best to pursue your spiritual dreams.

Spiritual Places to Visit in Rishikesh

If you want to cover a spiritual trip and that too in a short span of time, then Rishikesh offers you things to do in Rishikesh in one day. Here is the list of places to visit in Rishikesh.


Triveni Ghat

The confluence of Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati, Triveni Ghat is the most spiritual place in Rishikesh. The evening Ganga Aarti of Triveni Ghat makes
the place more beautiful and pious. During the Aarti, the surrounding becomes heavenly divine.

Ram Jhula & Laxman Jhula

The hanging bridge of Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula attracts people the most in Rishikesh. The nearby temples of the place make the atmosphere spiritual and
divine. While walking to the streets, you will experience special energy that induces positivity and spirituality inside you.


Famous Temples in Rishikesh

  • Bhootnath Temple
  • Kunjapuri Temple
  • Madhuban Ashram
  • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple
  • Shri Bharat Mandir
  • Vashishta Cave
  • Trayambakeshwar Temple
  • Parmath Niketan and many more make an extreme spiritual atmosphere all around.

Beatles Ashram


An ashram that becomes famous after the visit of the Beatles in the 1960s. It is used to be the best place for yoga and meditation under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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